onsdag den 29. juni 2016

What's new???

A lot really..

I finished Serieskolan, I know I didn't write a thing, but really - I've been busy. Soooo busy.
I decided that I'll give this whole blogging shit a try and actually try and tell people what I'm doing.
Therefore I also made at website for my comics and stuff and then I'll just ramble in this instead.

Anw the point being - I'm still busy
I just came home from CRACK! in Rome -> link here
It was AMAZING - I'll keep on coming back, no doubt. AND! you guys will even be able to see how great it was, once I finish the article I'm writing about zines/activism/anarchism.
Not sure where it will end up, but I will write it goddammit! There was so many wonderful people who said so much enlightened stuff - the world needs to know!
Anw, more on that later when I finish my travels around Europe and all my research. Yes, It's true, I'm "touring" Europe, right now I'm stuck in Germany at my family, very artzy.

Also I just got published in the new AltCom anthology, and I'll be at the festival so come on by, we'll have a blast - promise.
Besides I'm going on an art residency in western jutland, contributing to more anthologies (all the deadlines seems to be in august..) and moving into a new collective!

Hurray! the future seems rather bright at the moment.

Yours truely :* 

fredag den 11. marts 2016

For your own good

Hey hey

I did this comic a while back, when Malmö went evil and kicked a lot of Romas out of their housing situation - and then we made a fanzine and raised some money.
Click this thing to see more.

Just thought I'd share it since it's been a while since I put anything up.

onsdag den 18. november 2015

Hey Girls

This is in danish - but I'll translate it real soon.
It's just tonight I have to color 8 of these. 1 down - 7 to go.